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Sunday, April 29th 2012

2:12 AM

Dark loli free fotos


Related article: Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2007 20:21:38 -0800 (PST)
From: John Gerald
Subject: Connections 25Thanks again for visiting, and especially those who have taken the time to
write. I really appreciate it. I'd like to thank Colin and Doug for their
editing help in this chapter. Regarding the thought about jumping ahead in
time, we'll just have to see how things turn out. Watching people come into the emergency room was becoming routine. But
still, some cases bothered him. A few weeks before, his boss at the
hospital had assigned him to spend more time in the emergency room itself
rather than just in the reception area. Basically he was just a gopher for
the doctors, nurses, orderlies or whomever else needed help. But for him,
it was a front-row view of the human condition.This morning, Brad was helping pull a gurney out of one of the exam
areas. He was doing his best to keep it from pulling on the privacy curtain
that protects the patient alcoves. He tried not to listen, but, sometimes,
he couldn't help it."Sweetie, how do you feel?" a mother said to the small, crumpled girl on
the bed. The ambulance had just brought here there.He could only hear a mumble as he saw the woman's arm wipe the brow of her
motionless daughter.The mother turned to the doctor, saying, "They've been getting worse,
doctor. They had started her on a new med, Topamax, It seemed to help for
a while, but now they're coming back. non nude loli models
She's had three in the last week,
but this one is by far the worst. I'm....I'm not sure what we should
do...God, I don't know what to do!...." She struggled to get the words
out, but her concern and fear for her daughter were clearly overwhelming
her.Brad squeezed his eyes shut when he heard the name of that medication. It
was one that Mike's family had considered for him at one time, when he was
a kid. But with hope, rather than science, they decided against using it.
The woman was clutching her daughter's limp hand. It was like she was
trying to transfer health, energy, something of her own life to her
daughter to help her through this.Brad didn't have a problem with blood. If he was interested in medicine,
he probably could have been a surgeon. But emotions were another story.
Just seeing babygirls lolitas kid models this mother and her daughter, he couldn't help but be drawn
into their drama, empathizing with the pain and frustration that the mother
was dark loli free fotos suffering.It also made him appreciate the Kovar's struggles even more. Epilepsy is
not necessarily inherited; at least, not all types are. But to have two
generations in one household is unusual, and it wouldn't be unexpected that
it would cause an extra degree of stress and strain. But he never sensed
that with the Kovars. Maybe they lolita kiddie sex pics
were lucky; maybe it was because neither
of them was critically ill with it. But it said a lot about their strength
as a family.His mind churned over this and other things as he strolled over to the park
for one of the last summer lunches with Mike. Overall, his own job had
been really good for the original purpose, meaning he made money. And, he
had experience that would look unusual and interesting on his law school
applications. After all, he was competing against wealthy kids who could
do volunteer work in exotic foreign countries and put together a "laundry
list" of interesting experiences that look great on paper. So, he had to
look just as interesting. If he had to game the system a little bit, so be
it. He just made sure that he'd enjoy it at the same time.Today was his day to get lunch, so he picked up some lean sausage and
low-fat cheese for Mike, and a sandwich for himself, along with Cokes for
the both of them. Mike had lost the battle to binge on bad carbohydrates a
long time ago, owing to Brad's instance on keeping him on the ketogenic
diet, or at least on some semblance of one. Mike's consolation was that he
was able to convince Brad that they both didn't need to follow the diet
just because one of them had to do it."Here ya go, pup," Brad said as he joined Mike on their usual bench in the
park and handed him his lunch."Thanks, Mr. Hot Stuff!" Mike said, as lolita kiddie sex pics he reached up and took his lunch
out of Brad's hands, at the same time using his other hand to gently poke
Brad in the crotch. Brad tried to ignore the subtle come on, but his dick
couldn't help but stir a bit."Last days pretty exciting?" Brad asked."Well, not really, but OK," Mike said as he unwrapped the sausages. "As
I've said to you before, this has been a good experience, but I'm not sure
that I want to come back to this firm. I like a lot of the people,
especially the ones around my elwebbs lolita gateway 12 cubicle. But I was kind of disappointed in
the partners. It's a design-oriented firm, but they don't' run the place
very well. I hope they're not all screwed up that way, I mean the firms
with good design.""What about that gay guy, the designer? What did you think of him in the
end?""Actually, he was kind of a prick, a bit full of himself. That
disappointed me, but I guess I shouldn't assume that just because someone
is gay that I'll like him, or should look up to him."Brad chimed in, "You can say that again!" Brad smiled to himself, as he
had a long list of people who fit that description.Mike chuckled, and then continued. "Anyway, I think he liked me. So, maybe
he'll write a letter of recommendation for me. He went to Princeton, which
might count for something if I apply there."Finally putting his meat and cheese together, Mike paused before taking his
first bite, then continued in a lower voice, practically whispering in
Brad's ear. "What if he demands a piece of ass from me as the price for a
good letter?" Brad looked back at him with concern.Leaning over and speaking directly into Mike's ear, he said, "Tell him he
can have a piece of your ass as long as he's willing to accept the fact
that your boyfriend will cut off his balls, fry them until they're crisp,
and then shove them up his ass."Mike looked up and around, and spoke as if he was addressing the entire
park. "And who says chivalry is dead!"It took a few moments for them both to stop smirking, but then Mike
returned to the subject at hand. "Anyway, the person whom I like the most,
is that project manager, Rick, who originally interviewed me. He's a sharp
guy. I think he spends too much time on this job, I mean he's a workaholic
who doesn't seem to see his little kids as much as he should. But he does
his job really well, and we hit it off great.""Does he know you're gay?""Yeah, I think they all do. I don't think it matters to him. He's just
interested in getting the job done and making money. Really a focused guy,
very organized and deliberate. And, he's kind of a social animal, too.
Loved to schmooze the clients. In fact, I heard that some of the partners
felt he was a little too good at it, taking the spotlight away from them.""It doesn't' sound like you want to go back next year, no?""Well, it depends if there's anything else out there. It hasn't been bad,
just not great. But there are people with whom I guess I should stay in
touch, Rick being the most important.""I guess we'll just see how next year goes." Mike concluded, as he took a
final swig of his soda.Checking to make sure that the other vehicle was behind her, Jill parked
her car off to the side of the three-car garage and slipped in the back
door, her usual path. Her Dad heard her keys and purse hit the breakfast
table, and right away knew who it was.He hadn't been well the last few years. His son's death practically
destroyed him, and when his wife died of cancer just a few years ago it was
almost more that he could take. It was a big void to fill, and Jill, and
her Dad, did their best, but sometimes that kind of task is beyond what
anyone can do.He knew he was a strict Dad, but he thought it was for his own good. His
own father had been much worse, so he felt he was a relatively liberal
parent because he didn't stoop so low as to hit his children. In his heart
of hearts, he knew they were great kids, but something in him just couldn't
let up on the discipline. Besides, he thought, once they became real
adults, he'd have plenty of time to make it up to them. It never occurred
to him that his son wouldn't be around for him to have that chance.Jill had filled a huge void in his life but her decision not to have kids
was another circumstance that didn't turn out the way he planned. At one
time he would have raged against such a decision, but now he realized how
important it was to have her in his life, no matter what she decided for
herself."I wasn't expecting you until the weekend. Do you want to pick up that rug
from downstairs now and take it back to your place?" She was looking at
him in elwebbs lolita gateway 12 a funny way out of which he couldn't really make sense."Dad, um, we need to talk about something" she said pulling out a chair at
the blonde lolita image board edge of the table as she motioned him to sit next to her.`Oh God, he thought to himself! Is there a problem? Please, God, don't
let there be anything wrong with her!"She knew this would look ominous, so she quickly tried to put that issue to
rest. But she knew what she had to say would be shocking to him. "Dad,
before you jump to any conclusions, everything is all right, at least with
me. But I've found something out that I need to tell you about."Mr. Campagna noticed that she was looking right at him, not turning away at
all. So he decided that maybe it wasn't so bad. At least, she couldn't have
some health or job problem.After getting them each a cup of tea, he took the seat next to her, He
didn't have to ask what she liked, since he'd dark loli free fotos
been getting it for her for
years.She took the tea from him but just put it to the side, not drinking any.
She looked down for a moment, and then started as best she knew how. "Dad,
I just discovered something. Something important. But I need to talk about
Robert first, if that's OK."His sensitivities were well known. She noticed his head sag a bit. "um. I
don't understand what you need to say, but go ahead, even if it's about
Robert, not that it matters anymore," he said with unconvincing detachment.Jill took a deep breath. She had spent every evening, but one, this past
week talking with Brad on the phone. And that only other evening she spent
having a long dinner at the Kovar's. There was lots to say. There was just
no roadmap for doing something like this."Dad, did you think that Robert and Ronnie were going to be married?"He didn't respond immediately. He didn't even move. `God,' she thought,
`this is really going to be hard.' But she had to press on."Dad?"He finally responded, but very quietly. And, humbly. "I think so. I don't
think I was very supportive of their relationship...something for which
I'll always regret...but to answer the question, yes. I did think that
they'd eventually get married.""Dad, as we've talked before, don't blame yourself for anything. Robert
always did things the way he did for his own reasons, but I think he always
knew that you loved him. In fact I know he did."He perked up child porn russian lolita a bit, but then settled down again. Whatever the truth of
that, there wasn't much point in even discussing now, these many years
later. At least that's what he told himself."Dad, I need to ask you a question that you will think is really strange,
but you need to hear me out. OK? You going to listen?""Sure. Whatever it is, just go ahead."Her Dad noticed that she momentarily played with her long hair, something
she did only at the most stressful times. He made sure to listen
carefully."This is going to be difficult to think about, but do you remember seeing
Veronica before she died, I mean in the week or two before she died.""Why are you asking me this.?" he asked. A slight bit of irritation was
evident in his voice, in spite of his efforts to control it."Just answer the question."He started to ponder it and his mood clearly switched as he raised his hand
to his face, stroking his jaw."You know, Jill, I saw her the week before. She had come by to pick up Rob.
It was a little strange, she didn't come inside the house, just got out to
open the door for him to put an old TV in the back seat. I saw her out the
window, and she didn't really look too good. She looked kind of puffy, and
I hate to say it, but I thought she was getting a little big, maybe fat.""Did you think anything of that?""Well, it did surprise me a little, I mean Rob's behavior. I'll let you in
on guy-talk here, Jill, but I always thought that Rob was a little obsessed
with good-looking girls, he was the worst skirt-chaser I ever saw. But even
though Veronica was not looking good at all, Rob seemed even more, how
would I say it, concerned. Very concerned."Then he started to reminisce. "I have to tell you something about your
brother. When I'd have to take him into my office in town for something
his head was constantly snapping around checking our every cute girl that
walked by. I can appreciate his enthusiasm for that, " he said with a
chuckle, a chuckle he would have never let her see 20 years ago. "But your
brother was really over the top. That's why I was so surprised with
Veronica. Once he met her, it was as if no other women existed, even when
she was getting worse looking, if I can say it that way."The cup clanged quietly as she put her tea down after taking her first sip.
`May as well get it out now,' she thought."Dad, what if I told you that she was pregnant, and that they were able to
save the baby, but not her."At that moment you could hear some kids playing in the distance, having fun
around the neighbor's pool. It wasn't exactly close, but the silence of
the room seemed to act as an amplifier."um, I don't think that can be true, Jill" He looked dazed."I don't exactly know how to say this easily, but it's true Dad, I've met
him." And she proceeded to tell him all that had happened in the past week,
and for that matter the past 21 years. There were still dark loli free fotos
a couple holes to
be filled, but the picture was basically complete."How can this be?" He just kept repeating himself, until he abruptly
changed this question. "Do you think it's some elaborate hoax to get some
money?"Jill didn't hesitate to respond. "Dad remember how you couldn't use money
to buy Robert?. We'll, his son is the same way. He can be kind of
stubborn, as you might remember."It was the first smile that she got from her Dad the whole, time. That was
a good thing because babygirls lolitas kid models
she wanted to get all the news out there, not just the
nice stuff."I need to tell you one more thing about him. You've heard what a jock he
is, what a good student, hard working, all that. But he's also gay, and is
in a relationship with a really great guy. You need to know, too." She
said. It was the real moment of truth, as far as she was concerned. Make
or break it.He paused again, much longer than before, and took his own deep breath.
Strangely, it looked like he was going to cry, but held it in."Do you remember my older brother, Uncle Frank? He asked her. He said it
so quietly she could barely hear him."Not really, Dad. You know he died before I was..."He interrupted before she could finish, clearly getting too agitated to
wait. "We always told people it was an accident, and that's what my folks
told people. But I was one of the few that knew it was a suicide." He
reached into this pocket for a handkerchief. "I didn't know all the
details, I never will. But my Dad caught him behind the house with some
guy. bd company lolita alfasex I didn't understand at the time what was going on, but later I
realized...."He went on with what happened to his adored older brother, how he was
thrown out of the house, had nowhere to go. Then his parents got the news
from the police about a body that was found at the base of the bridge into
the downtown area.It didn't take any more words for Jill to realize that it didn't matter."Do you think you're ready to meet him?" She finally asked.He cleared his throat. "Of course, Jill. When can we do it?She got up from the table and was out of sight into the dining room until
he heard her open the front door.A minute later, he saw two guys were standing under the archway connecting
the dining room and kitchen. One of them was a kind of medium height guy,
kind of a good-looking kid, but the other, the other was...Robert!"He got out of the chair, but then couldn't move his legs. He just reached
his shaking hand out toward Brad as best he could. In an instant his
grandson, his only grandchild, was right there in front of him. He ran his
fingers down Brad's face, feeling the skin, the curves, the texture. It
was like a ghost was in front of him, a ghost that he was trying to make
real, to believe that it was real.Brad reached out and touched his grandfather's hand, giving him that smile
that his grandfather had seen in his own son so often but never took enough
time to enjoy. Until now.The resemblance lolita photos model girls
to Robert was uncanny, but he saw Veronica there, too.
Where the Campagna's were slim, Brad had what a gay guy would call
`hunkiness' from his mom's athletic frame.Instinctively, after not being able to move closer, he pulled Brad into a
powerful bear hug and just cried his eyes out. Brad returned the embrace
as he kept his grandfather from almost falling down with emotion."My god, I can see them both in you, but especially my son. My God, My God!
He continued to repeat without realizing he was even talking.Even though Brad assumed that the gay part was OK, he still held his breath
when he introduced Mike. But it didn't take more than a second for
Mr. Campagna to release Brad and then pull Mike into an embrace.Mr. Campagna whispered in Mike's ear. "Thanks for taking care of him. I
hear he's in good hands," he said with his still shaky voice.Mike struggled to suppress a smile as he said, "We take care of each other,
sir."After Pete and Kate's wedding, Julie's affair became the sort of ceremonial
event to end the summer social season. It was bigger that the earlier
fete, to match the size of her mother's maternal ego.The guys had switched places of honor for this one, with Mike seated at the
wedding party's table and Brad out at regular guest table with Mike's
family, seated between Mikes parent's and Hanna and Kurt."Always a bridesmaid, never a bride," she called out as she poked Brad in
the back and pointed at her brother. "He's not getting any younger, you
know" She really had no idea what was on Brad's mind, but couldn't resist
the friendly dig. 1000 preteen lolita board She was about to go for another one, when Kurt
maneuvered himself next to her and gave her one of his `back off' stares."Kurt, I don't know how you do it, but whatever it is, I'll pay you to keep
doing it," Brad said as he reached for his beer, taking a big swig, then
gargling with it before swallowing and letting out a long, loud
..... BUUUUURRRRRP!!! - right in Hanna's face.By now `HK,' as Brad and Mike were calling them, were spending every
weekend together, trading places each weekend at the other's college. Brad
was impressed at what a family-oriented guy that Kurt was. Outside of his
obviously intense dedication to his schoolwork, he spent all his time with
Hanna, his brother, widowed Dad, or at the Kovar house. Any socializing
with friends was always done with his partner, just like Mike and Brad.Since he was a young college guy and most of his friends were single, it
took some getting used to the fact that if Hanna were in town, she would be
with him. That didn't set well with some of the `guys' guys, who resented
the intrusion into the stag atmosphere, but Kurt just decided where his
life was going and if some guys didn't like it, too bad.Watching both of their kids here tonight, the elder Kovar couldn't have
been happier. This was just the way he liked a weekend evening -.all of
them together, just having a good time. He knew it wouldn't always be this
way, though. For very good reasons, Hanna also spent time at the elder
Metz's house. Though he missed her, and Kurt, around the house, he
respected his daughter even more for this. It was a real sign that she was
growing up.Mike waited for Roger to finally reclaim the bride before he joined his
family at their table. Pulling up a chair next to Brad, he caught the
aftermath of their encounter."Mirek, how can you actually take him out in public?"Brad turned back to her, then looked at Mike, took another swig and gave
another, smaller belch."She doesn't seem to like these, pup," he said with a smile."No accounting for taste, I guess." Mike replied.Kurt was now massaging her shoulders, like the manager in the corner of the
boxing ring trying to get his champ back in shape. Where formerly she
would have drilled her eyes into her victims and sven's freedom lolita bbs come up with another
retort, she now just rolled her head back to enjoy Kurt's ministrations."How's that?" Kurt 1000 preteen lolita board asked."Ohhhhh...great. Thanks," she said as she reached over and stroked his
strong hand."Good!. Now get up and lets dance!" he ordered the willing Hanna, as he
grabbed her hand and pulled her onto the floor.
In reality, he hadn't even finished one beer the night before, but had
perfected the burping exercise way back in high school. He didn't want to
drink much anyway, but not only because Mike couldn't share, but that they
had big plans for the next day. That's when they were going to visit his
parents' graves.It would probably be about a three-hour roundtrip to see both gravesites
then come home. They both dressed casually, but nicer than typical for a
summer day, with Dockers type slacks and button down shirts even non nude loli models though it
was still summer weather."You OK, babe?" Mike put his hand on Brad's leg, almost not allowing him
out of the car until he answered. They had parked right outside the
cemetery gate."Yea, I'll be fine. We can go."They were about to cross the threshold of the stone archway when Brad
paused. He reached over and rubbed Mike on the back of the neck. "I'm
glad you're here," he said. Mike just smiled as he returned the gesture
with a gentle tug and said, "Let's go in."It didn't take long to find the grave. The directions that they got from
Jill were perfect. It was as if she knew them by heart. When they finally
found the flat stone, Brad knelt down and bowed his head with Mike standing
just to his left side. He could feel Brad shaking.He pulled of some small weeds and other growth that obscured part of the
lettering. "Mom," he said, "I'll be taking care of this from now on."Silence returned as Brad was lost in thought. Every once in a while, he'd
shift his position slightly, or maybe move his hand along the grave, but
didn't say a word.It wasn't until Brad leaned against Mike's leg that he spoke. "Mom, he's
really special. I know you'd like him." dark loli free fotos
Then he corrected himself. "No,
you'd love him, like I do." Mike reached down and ran his fingers through
Brad's hair, giving it a gentle tug.Before they left, Mike noticed that Brad had reached into his pocket and
pulled something out. He wasn't sure what it was, but the action was very
deliberate. All he heard, though, was the sound of some metal objects as
they were carefully placed on the grave. Brad was slightly bent over, so
he could see what it was, either, but it looked like Brad picked them up
before he left.
It was almost silent out there in the other cemetery, too, the one behind a
country church. The only sound was the wind rustling through a nearby
grove of trees. It was a much older cemetery that his mom's, and the
Campagna name stood out from the mostly German ones on the other
gravestones.With Mike underground little lolitas pics still standing, Brad got down on one knee, reaching down to touch
the grave as Mike's hand stayed on his shoulder. He was silent, too, just
like at his mother's grave. Brad was finally getting to meet his dad, 1000 preteen lolita board too.He finally spoke but continued looking down at the grave."Dad, remember when you wrote to me and said I should find someone better
than me? He said, with a slight smile that was out of Mike's view. "Well,
I did"Mike gently kneed Brad in the back and whispered, "Not true,' but Brad
pretended to ignore him and continued."He's everything I ever dreamed of, and better. I don't know how to
describe him to you, except to say that I love him so much it hurts
sometimes. You probably understand that from how you felt about Mom." He
paused for a moment, caught his breath, and continued."We've talked a lot about our future together, even about having a family.
It's scary to think about kids, but also exciting. I'm sure you understand
that, too. " ."Dad, I know that he and I will be together for the rest of our lives, but
I still want to do something. Something formal, and permanent." As he
said this, Mike glanced down and saw Brad reach into his pocket. He saw a
slight glint of metal as Brad pulled his hand back out."I've got your rings, Dad." pthc hussyfan loli dorki
Brad said as he held them in his palm, over
the grave. "Grandpa found them in your things after you died, and he gave
them to me." Brad stopped to take a deep breath. "Grandpa felt that they
should be mine. And I should do what I think is right with them.""And what I want to do is to ask Mike to marry me. And these rings would
symbolize it, remind us of each other, and of you and mom." He felt Mike's
hand go limp, and for a moment was panicked but still continued. "I asked
Mom, and she said `Great,' at least I think she would have," he said with
another slight smile and a chuckle."I hope he feels the same way, but I...." suddenly, he felt a tight grip
around his neck and shirt and was literally yanked up off his knees and
into Mike's arms, dark loli free fotos there in the middle of the cemetery, over Brad's father's
grave.Mike pulled the two of them together, wrapping his left hand around Brad
while using his right to carefully move that curly black hair, that
beautiful hair, off of his forehead. Though he was developing a serious
lump in his throat, he was able to squeak out an answer. "'Yes.' the answer
is `Yes,' he quietly but firmly declared.They stared at each other, looking into each other's eyes but also into the
future. Surprisingly, Brad had the somewhat silly grin of a pthc hussyfan loli dorki plotter and
schemer, as he was barely able to keep tears from forming. He could feel
Mike shaking and gently caressed the nervous arms before he put the ring on
Mike's trembling finger. "You sure?" he asked coyly, not losing the smile."Ummm... the rings aren't very fancy. I guess my parent's liked simple
things, but.."Mike put his other hand over Brad's mouth, gently pressing against his
lips. "Brad, it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I don't ever
want another fancier one. I only want this one. And you..."Mike couldn't say any more, He could only nod his head in agreement. Words
were gone, all he had left was emotions as he slowly, gently, pressed his
lips against Brad's
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